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Our Animals

Having spent many years previously running an animal shelter, we have a menagerie of pets and livestock. Some new friends and some old, who travelled with us when we moved here to beautiful West Wales. 

The Donkey's
We have a small Donkey stud and all our donkey's are registered with the Donkey Breed Society. Such gentle creatures are loved for their docile nature and affection. We have one stallion "Oswald" or "Ozzie" as we call him, who should have an equity card since he has been on stage at the Sunderland Empire Theatre in "Carmen the Opera", he didn't sing, he was the orange sellers donkey, and he was a trooper. He has sired many coloured and a few plain foals, the latest being Olive a very pretty plain brown filly who loves a cuddle. 


"Oswald or Ozzie" The DADDY!

Ozzie has 5 wives, namely Ada the large coloured mare, Mavis the oldest donkey we have at 13years (they can live to 30 or more years) and Ozzie's first wife! Mavis is the calmest sweetest and the best Mum of our bunch. His latest wives are "Barbara" the shortest of all the adult Donkeys, Gladys the tall thin brown donkey, she is the youngest at 9 years and sometimes that is clearly evident, and finally "Vera", a 10 year old plain brown who came with  her foal Phylis who is plain brown and very cute.

All our female donkeys usually have foals, we are expecting 4 more this year. Guests can visit the donkeys paddock during summer months and chat, pat or feed the donkey's, although we do ask that food is not hand fed (encourages nipping) but thrown into the paddock. Andy is happy to introduce everyone and perhaps this years foals will be on hand.




Our Goats

We have a small family of Pygmy goats. Mother "Gem" with her daughter "Cilla" (she was a surprise!") and this years baby boy "Whiz". They are happily living with gormless "Derek" a white standard goat. They live in the garden to the front and can be seen playing on their tree house or in their Wendy House.


The Cats

Five cats share the farm with us (and sometimes the house), they are a mixed bunch and will come and visit, but please remember to keep doors shut so they do not stow away. We have Pisschief (there is a story to her name!) a silver tabby DSH (domestic short hair) queen, who loves everyone. Then there is Jasper a Black neutered DSH tom, he thinks people are here to serve him and again is very friendly. We have Mr Bowjangles, our silver tabby long haired Maine Coon, he is neutered and is very shy, only special people get a visit from Bobo. New additions are Silage (a small black queen), Charcoal a rather large fluffy friendly black Tom, all our cats were rescue cats and love it here in Wales.


"Bowjangles or Bobo" very handsome indeed


"Charcoal" cheeky and fearless!

The Birds

We have free range chickens (they lay our breakfast eggs) and two guinea foul. In the house we have two Parrots, namely Basil the African Grey and Pepe the Blue and Gold Macaw, both former Rescue Centre residents.



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